cities with the most millennials

10 cities adding the most millennials to the workforce Some cities are magnets for millennial workers. Here are the 10 where you’ll find the most younger workers.

Houston itself is one of the most affordable cities, a big draw for Millennials. It gives an urban feel when you’re living there, while still being a place where you can afford to buy a house or rent a nice place.

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Known for its golden gate bridge, perpetual fog, hilly streets, and food scene, San Francisco is a popular city with millennials and boasts a healthy job market with high wages. If living in this world-class city itself is financially out of reach, the surrounding metro area offers some great suburbs with more affordable home options for young millennial families.

Cities like Rochester and Buffalo, New York, are attracting new millennial residents at the highest rates in the country, at 1.9 and 1.1 percentage points, respectively, between 2009 and 2014.

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Here’s where millennials are moving . New. and can be seen a reflection of both the concentration of opportunity in big cities, as well as a general population shift towards the south and.

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Yes, it’s 2018 and millennials still gravitate to big coastal hubs. But, they’re also moving to places like Durham, Columbus and Nashville. POLITICO worked with Stateline at the Pew Trusts to find the most millennial cities in the U.S. We factored in things like the city’s GDP, how many millennials live there, and how they get to work.

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In all of the top 25 cities where millennials live at home, men in this age group are more likely to live with their parents. Keep reading to see a ranked list of the cities in which the most.