Hard Money Terms

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In the simplest terms, "hard money" is from political donations that are regulated by law through the Federal Election Commission. "Soft money" is money donated to political parties in a way that leaves the contribution unregulated. The difference boils down to a few crucial words and one administrative ruling.

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Hard Money Loan A loan typically secured by a hard asset such as residential or commercial real estate. Such loans usually have high interest rates relative to bank loans. Hard money lenders typically look more to asset value rather than at the credit characteristics of the potential borrower as the primary loan underwriting factor.

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Hard Money Terms. Where we lend. Massachusetts: We lend in the eastern half of Massachusetts from Worcester and immediate western suburbs to points east, and from the cape cod canal north. New Hampshire: We lend from Concord south, and occasionally in the Lakes Region.

Private Money Deal Structure Hard money refers to coins, while soft money refers to paper currency. But the terms also have a role in politics. They are used to refer to political contributions in the United States.