What Is First Mortgage

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What Is a Mortgage? Your Go-To Guide to Getting. – realtor.com – Adjustable-rate mortgage: An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), also called a variable-rate mortgage, will start with a lower interest rate for the first few years, and then that interest rate (and.

What is a First Mortgage? (with pictures) – wisegeek.com – A mortgage that is registered second is considered a second mortgage. It is also possible to have a third or fourth mortgage on a home or property. However, these situations are less frequent than first and second mortgages. Often, a person will secure a first mortgage and then go on to obtain a second mortgage in the form of a home equity loan.

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With fixed rates below variable ones, mortgage market is in the Upside Down – The last time the mortgage market pulled off something similar was right. Bond markets tend to adjust to a first expected.

What does a first mortgage note indicate? – Quora – I think you’re asking for the elements of your mortgage payment, which will all be parts of your "mortgage note." See the Understanding the Mortgage Payment article from Walletwyse to get more data which will help you understand the various costs.

DEFINITION of ‘Mortgage Bond’. A mortgage bond is a bond secured by a mortgage or pool of mortgages. These bonds are typically backed by real estate holdings and real property such as equipment. In a default situation, mortgage bondholders have a claim to the underlying property and could sell it off to compensate for the default.

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You no longer have a first mortgage, so the HELOC then becomes your first lien. When you make a mortgage payment, you’re paying two basic things: principal and interest. Principal is the amount you borrowed in the first place and the interest is the fee charged by the lender for borrowing the money.

What is a 1st Lien on a mortgage? | Yahoo Answers –  · It means your mortgage is the first lien on your property. When they loaned you the money to buy your house (or to refinance), your house was used as collateral. They file that mortgage with the county recorder’s office and it becomes a lien on your property. Any other liens that are recorded (if any) become 2nd, 3rd, etc.

U.S. mortgage applications drop in latest week: MBA – The jump in mortgage rates did not hurt interest to refinance an existing home, particularly among those who seek loans.

First mortgage financial definition of first mortgage – first mortgage. A real estate loan made to the borrower and recorded in the public records by the lender,before any other mortgages. First Mortgage. A mortgage that has a first-priority claim against the property in the event the borrower defaults on the loan.