what is the harp program and how does it work

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Does HAARP exist – Answers.com – HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The goal of this program is to further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of.the Earth’s ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems.

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FAQs – harpprogram.org – There is no longer a maximum LTV limit for borrower eligibility. If the borrower refinances under HARP and their new loan has a fixed rate mortgage, there is no maximum LTV. If the borrower refinances under HARP and their new loan is an adjustable rate mortgage, their LTV may not be over 105%.

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HARP doesn’t lend money. Instead, the program works with lenders to offer HARP loans. First, check with your current lender and see if it offers HARP loans. (You can also go to harp.gov and search for your lender.) As with any high-dollar purchase, talk to more than one lender and compare the terms for each.

Homeowners await HARP expansion – That makes them ineligible for help mortgage relief like the Home Affordable Refinance Program. Created in 2009, HARP is designed to help struggling. the special counsel report "does not conclude.

HARP – Instant Eligibility Verification – If you qualify to refinance your mortgage through HARP, you’ll go through an application, approval and closing process (similar to when you got your original mortgage). A HARP lender will work with you through every step, and will help determine if HARP meets your specific needs. Outlined below are the steps to get started.

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